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---- Let's Get Started ----

Welcome to my one stop shop for ANYONE in the Real Estate Market. The goal of this website is to actually provide you with tools, tips, insight and REAL VALUE to help you make educated buying, selling, investing or building decisions in 

Saint John, New Brunswick on your next move.


Warning: This site isn't just an extension of


My Story

Get to Know Brandon Vincent

Growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick has really influenced my entire life, from working at small local businesses like "On The Vine", to joining the military at 16 years old, to being a commercial diver working in the highest tides in the world, to selling Real Estate and operating my own businesses...I've grown to truly love and understand this city.


It's my goal and ambition to be a positive force in my community and in my city, through living a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually AND by helping as many people achieve their goals on their Real Estate journey as possible!!

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